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"Soccer moves" is a term that includes feints, footwork, dribbling and turning with the ball. Soccer moves are how a soccer player controls the ball and gets past an opponent.

Soccer moves are used by the player with the ball to get past the opponent. The most important soccer moves for all players are "control dribbling", "speed dribbling", the "Pullback turn" (also called a "Drag Back"), the "Hook Turn", the "Cut", the "Change Of Speed Tactic" and the basic body feint (e.g., turn the body to pretend to go left, but instead go right). Select team players should also be taught the Scissors and Cruyff soccer moves by U-13.

The most important soccer moves to teach Recreational players are control dribbling, speed dribbling, shielding and turning with the ball. If you are a Rec coach, don't feel that it is important to spend a lot of time teaching soccer feints (you probably won't have the time), but you can easily teach dribbling, turns, shielding, footwork and "fast feet" by simply playing the SoccerHelp Premium Practice Games such as "Dribble Across A Square".

Soccer Moves, Skills, Drills, Positions, Formations and Rules

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Soccer Moves On SoccerHelp Premium:

  1. "Cuts" and "Cutbacks/Hook Turns" (left and right)
  2. Outside "Pop & Run"
  3. Outside of Foot Hook & Reverse
  4. Step in front and push with other foot
  5. The Scissors
  6. The Stanley Matthews
  7. Fake Kicks
    1. Fake Kick
    2. Fake Kick / Hook & Reverse

  8. Outside Step Around/Reverse
  9. Fake Kick & Pullback
  10. Zico Move
  11. Cruyff Move
  12. The "V"
  13. Change Of Speed Tactic

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